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Knowing everything with using physics

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    Hello, I am just wondering if there are any people out there who believes that physics will answer everything.

    Using quantum physics, if you could figure it out where everything is, wouldn't you be able to know everything or where everything is going to be theoretically.

    So theory of everything...

    (I understand that we can't even figure out the exact location of an electron. But maybe in the future we might be able to beat all the uncertainties.)
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    Simon Bridge

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    You need to define what you mean by "know everything" :)
    No - if you knew exactly where everything was, you'd be 100% uncertain about what it was doing - look up "uncertainty principle".

    On top of that, quantum mechanics is statistical by nature ...

    ... does not attempt absolute knowledge of everything that happens.
    That would be speculation - it could be that the totality of current physics will turn out to be completely wrong - but it is unlikely to be very far off. Right now the uncertainty principle looks to be built in to the way the universe works so the answer is : no, we do not expect to ever "beat the uncertainties" in any way that allows for measuring momentum and position simultaniously to arbitrary accuracy.
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