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Knowledge of Mechanics

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    I'm currently an undergraduate who has just completed a year of physical chemistry. I don't feel like I understand quantum mechanics as well as I could. It's probably because my knowledge of classical mechanics stops at basic newtonian mechanics. I don't know E&M that well either. I would like suggestions for mechanics books that develop Hamiltonian mechanics or connects classical and quantum mechanics.
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    I don't think those things would help. I suggest you try this instead.
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    I disagree. I was talking to a colleague just last week who felt it was quite an epiphany to his understanding of QM when he went back and learned Hamiltonian mechanics, principle of least action and so forth.
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    In 'ordinary' QM I don't think it'd help very much to study Hamiltonian mechanics, action, etc. But for quantum field theory it is absolutely necessary.
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