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Knowledge vs grade

  1. Oct 20, 2013 #1
    In my college every month we have test and assignments on various subject, if one want mark they can just copy the notes from an website and submit it has assignments without having any idea of why assignment is really given and what is about.in test many of them simple memorize and vomit it.and they get good grade! But if anyone tried to have depth knowledge of subject then lots of time are need but generally it's not at all enough to prepare for the exam......and my professor 50percent of them teach good but the rest they just give book reading lecture and go away and usually not completing they syllabus I'm irritated i think i should also do what my friends are doing! Does these th ings are only in my country or do they happen in America and europe

    Need a advice =>frustrated!
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    I would talk to the dean, let him know that you are worried about how the exams are being set.
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    What is your country? Mind me asking?
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    Talking to my dean ....hmmm sounds practically impossible thing and even if you did, i don't think there will be any change because these higher level people don't understand the problem from our view all they want is reputation to his college.

    I'm from India
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    1. Blindly copying answers is a poor strategy. It might pay off in some courses in the short term, but eventually, if you don't understand what you're doing it will catch up with you. If not in this course, than in the next one or the next.

    2. You also have to ask yourself why you are taking the course in the first place. You went to school to learn right? If you're only interested in a grade, then maybe you can look for easiest way to get that.

    3. It's best not to concern yourself too much with what other people are doing.

    4. If you are not happy with your courses, first speak to the professor. They need feedback from students if they are going to change. Remember, if you are paying to be in the course, you have a right to expect quality in the instruction.

    5. You may want to reconsider your point about university administrators. Sure they care about the school's reputation, but that's built on the quality of the graduates the school produces, not the grades they give their graduates.
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