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Koch curve

  1. Apr 25, 2007 #1
    I try to create my first program with MAPLE! Therefore, I really need your help!
    I'd like to draw a Koch curve with the two function f and d and a constant a=0.5+sqrt(3)/6 *I.

    Koch curve:=proc(x,y);

    local a ,d, f,m;
    a := 1/2+sqrt(3)/6*I;

    d :=a*conjugate(z) ;
    f:=a+(1-a)*conjugate(z) ;

    m:=0; to 40 while abs(z)<1 do z:=d..f;
    od m

    plot(Koch curve);

    However, I know, I'm not very good at programming because it's the first time I do something like this. Can someone give me some advices? What's wrong with the program above? I think there are lots of errors, but can anyone help me? I really want to learn it!
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  3. Apr 26, 2007 #2
    Okay, I know, I did it totally wrong. However, I tried again and used this time the program Mathematica:

    z := 1 + 2*I
    x = 1/1000
    a := 1/2 + Sqrt[3]/6*I
    Element[b, {0, 1}]
    Array[Solve[x = Sum[b/2\^k, k, {1, 10}], b], 1000]

    Plot[Re[If[b = 0, a*Conjugate[z], a + (1 - a)*Conjugate[z]]],
    Im[If[b = 0, a*Conjugate[z], a + (1 - a)*Conjugate[z]]]]

    But program above doesn't work. But I'm getting closer to the solution! In case I find the solution to this problem, I will post it!
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