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Koran on use of loud speakers in mosques

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    I live near a mosque, I've had no problem so far regarding the use of loud speakers to pray. But since the last month they've cranked up the volume so high it's unbearable. So I want to know if the Koran asks 4 people to go on the minarets and shout and pray or 4 loudspeakers?
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    The human voice is used to announce the times of prayer to the community. The adhan ( ذَان ) is the call to prayer itself, and the person who calls it is called the muadhan (muezzin).

    Modern mosques use loud speakers - so this is a new development. I doubt the Qur'an addressed the volume since individuals would have limited volume. Likely the procedure(s) for adhan are in the Hadith, perhaps by al-Bukhari.

    Perhaps one can ask the Imam.

    For those not familiar with Qur'an, here is a starting place -
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    I want to know whether the Qur'an specially asks for humans to sing the prayer or vaguely mentions a voice?
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