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Korean to English translation

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    A friend found this cartoon and thought it looked funny, even he has no idea how to read Korean (I'm pretty sure it's Korean, the email address is Korean).

    Could someone translate?

    Apologies in advance if the humour turns out to be off-colour or offensive, I can't take any ownership of that. If, in your judgement it might be considered offensive, you can always contact me privately.

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    That's odd. My thumbnail is marked as 'pending approval'. I don't think I've seen that before (though maybe I just never noticed).
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    Yes all attached images need approval from a mentor.
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    I can translate it, but waiting for pending approval..

    Alright. The file says american murder case. While the guy sitting is saying 'next!'
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    Thank you.

    I still don't get it. I recall this issue was a news item last year, I just don't get what the cartoon's message is. I guess just that there were many of them (i.e. a line up)?
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