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Kraft Veggie Pasta

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    What a joke! Kraft comes out with this new mac and cheese. On the front cover it says "veggie pasta and cheese... vegetable pasta and cheese dinner". I look at the ingredient list and it says "Enriched Cauliflower Pasta Product". But it has parentheses. First three ingredients in that product is "Enriched Wheat Flour, Wheat Flour, Drum Wheat Flour" Dried Cauliflower comes in last further down the list. You gotta be kidding me Kraft!! I'm still sticking with Annie's Brand.
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    What kills me is that people will fall for it. Add a side of ketchup and you've got two servings of vegetables. :rolleyes:

    This is ridiculous.


    This is ridiculous. You buy a bag of frozen broccoli, dump it into a pan and do a quick stir fry with some garlic and soy sauce. My kids used to beg for this and we had it several times a week, but they loved all vegetables because

    1)I know how to cook so my vegetables didn't taste like crap.

    2) I had a positive attitude towards vegetables and my kids saw how much I loved them, so they also wanted them

    My girls would talk about artichokes and eggplant to school friends that had never heard of such things. They came to my house and reluctantly tried vegetables and loved them so much that they asked if I could teach their mothers.

    If you don't show a love for vegetables yourself and dump tasteless crud onto their plate and tell them that they have to eat it because it's healthy, of course your kids won't eat it. Sure, eventually they might develop likings for one over another, but if they've been served properly since they could eat, they won't know not to like it.
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    Guess who is making it right now :redface: But it will be my last!

    eating it now... I actually can taste the Cauliflower.
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    lol!! You're not supposed to taste it!
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    Chinese stir-fry vegetables with chopped garlic. Regardless of which country you are in, still the best tasting anywhere.
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    Somehow you made me crave for raw cauliflower (chopped, but not too thinly) with mayonnaise.
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    I am sure they meant Durum wheat flour, which is the exclusive wheat flour used in most pastas. It has a low gluten content, which keeps the pasta hard and together when cooked.
    Regular white flour has a much higher gluten content and gives the stickiness so that the bread dough can rise when yeast is added and put into the oven. Using duram wheat flour in a bread will give it more heaviness, and a finer grain.

    That is my "Culinary Facts of Farming" tidbit for the day.
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