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Kronecker product decomposition

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    hi everybody

    Today I have a question about Kronecker products, If you have a direct answer it is perfect but if not, any kind of paper reference might work as well.

    now say I have to matrices A and B in general there is nothing special about them. They are not hermitian or triangular or what ever special.

    then I calculate the Kronecker product between them

    [itex]A \otimes B = C[/itex]

    then assume that A and C is given to us and we want to figure out what B is. I know that B is not unique but is there anything that we can say about B? Do you know any algorithm that can give some predictions or guesses for B.

    I know one stuff that can approximately decompose C into a A', B' pair. But in this algorithm you do not have any control on A or B.


    any idea is welcome, thank you.
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