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Krylov subspace iterative method for large sparse matrix

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    I have a project for a Circuits Simulation class which is basically the programming of a small spice software. So the program must be able to find dc solutions and do transient analysis. This means it can solve Ax = b for a large (think 10^6 X 10^6) sparse non-symmetric matrix A which is derived after a Modified Nodal Analysis of the circuit. This is achieved with iterative Krylov subspace methods

    So the professor says that I should go for Βi-CG algorithm and he is satisfied. He also recommended GMRES if I have the time to program it (in C).

    Because of a fortunate turn of events, it seems I have a lot of time in my hands, and perhaps I should go for something even better! The restarting GMRES method seems good, but there are others that can solve the system like Bi-CGSTAB or others that I don't know.

    So I want to ask you for a recommendation on what method to use for best performance.
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