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KS and TS

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    Within the context of the equation:

    CH4(g) +2O2(g) -> CO2(g) + H2O(l) delta H = -890 KJ

    What is the difference between Thermal and Kinetic stability?

    I knew the answer before, but i forgot now. Forgive me for just memorising the answer, but its a temporary solution. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Usually when you're comparing thermal and kinetic stability, it's in reference to two different reactions mechanisms with the same reactants. One reaction mechanism might be more kinetically stable, that is since the activation energy of the transition state is lower in energy, the reaction occurs faster, and despite the relatively less "stable" product, it prevails as the product simply because the reaction occurs faster.

    If you were to provide enough energy so that the rate of reaction becomes comparably similar, than you would have the thermodynamically stable product as predominant, usually because now the relative proproportion of the products now correlates with the reverse activation energy.
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