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Homework Help: KsP calculations with solubility values

  1. Mar 7, 2004 #1
    Maybe I am doing something horribly wrong here, but these numbers just make absolutely no sense to me.

    We are given solubility values which will subsequently be used for Ksp calculations.

    I was given hydrogen bromide and 5 solubility values (given in g/100g H2O)

    Since 1g = 1mL basically we were given g/100mL.

    To calculate Ksp we need mol/L so I converted. One value we were given was 193.8g/100mL

    So first I converted to g/L by multiplying by 10. 1938g/L. Next I divided by the molar mass to get mol/L (80.91g/mol). This value ends up being 23.95mol/L which is a ridiculously high number. Did I do something wrong???
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    "Ridiculous?" How many moles of water per liter (liquid)? Don't let your intuition stampede you --- when the numbers look "funny," check them, check your units, check you method, look at similar problems, and move on.
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