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Ksp question

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    I am having a tough time with getting my heard around what Ksp is; this question isbugging the heck out of me:

    Calculate the Ksp of Thallium(1) Chloride at 100 Degrease celcius. The concentration of saturated solution of salt at this temperature is 2.4g / 100 ml .

    As far as i got...

    The Ksp of Thallium = [TI][Cl]


    2.4 g / 100 ml is 0.677 mol / L of Cl ?

    But beyond that I dont understand what i should be doing...
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    Ksp = [Tl1+][Cl1-], which you wrote correctly.

    So what is the molar concentration of each species? Tl and Cl must have the same concentration, and one mole of TlCl, yields one mole of each species.
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