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Kuiper belt info

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    hello all.

    i'm working on a project and wondered if anyone had any information on the kuiper belt. actually the only thing i think i'm looking for is the sidereal period for one of these things. google didn't yield anything useful that i saw but i could have missed it.

    btw we are using the Newton-Ralphson Method to evaluate Kepler's Equations. whatever that means.....

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    Icy planetary bodies that orbit beyond Neptune in the distant region of the Solar System are called Kuiper Belt Objects.
    More than 400 such objects are currently known.
    They are believed to be remnants of the formation of the Solar System and among the most primitive objects available for study.
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    Their sidereal periods are in the range of approximately 200 to 400 years. Google should tell you the inner boundry and outer boundry which I believe is about 30 AU - 50 AU.

    These semi-major axes and the Sun's mass are all you need to compute their orbital periods.
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    perfect. thanks for the help.
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    David Jewitt's http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/faculty/jewitt/kb.html" [Broken] is an excellent KB resource!
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