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Kundt's tube

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    :confused: Hi guys,just performed the experiment using the kundt's tube.. I just can't understand why the rod is clamped at midpoint..hmmmmm,what's your analysis on the vibration of the rod clamped at midpoint...

    thanks in advance..:smile:
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    The point where it is clamped is a node of vibration. The extremities of the rod are antinodes. There are many modes in which the rod could vibrate but the one with the smallest energy (i.e. with the smallest frequency which means the longest wavelength) is usually the one that is excited the most during the experiment. which means that you have an antinode at one extremity, then a node at the center and then an antinode at the other extremity. You can draw this and it is obvious that the wavelength of that mode is twice the length of the rod.

    Hope this helps

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