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Homework Help: KVPY project ideas

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    Hello friends ,

    I presume that all of you know about KVPY . This time I was an interviewee for the kvpy scholarships , but not succesful ! . But I know that I have one more chance next year after completing a project .That is the problem I don't know what kind of projecrs are accepted . If any of you have some idea or had been through the fellowship program please give necessary information and your contact details.

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    Your presumption is wrong.

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    hello narayan
    u r in which year of your college.i think so u r in twelth standard as ur question suggests.but i wanted to ask u whether one can give some research papers kinda thing in the kvpy.well can we do some research in general relativity and today i was trying to find out fourth dimension using some stupid geometry.
    i hope u know what is genral relativity
    can u tell me where r u from and which college
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    I'm in also search for information about kvpy project... please share experience with me.
    hows type of project????
    Plz suggest me...
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    I have been on this post before but it was a dead end. Now I am glad to see someone showing up!
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    For which category have you qualified?
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    I am mechanical engineering student 1st year........
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    I am mechanical engineering student 1st year........
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    If you check out the KVPY website: http://www.kvpy.org.in/main/faq.htm they "look for evidence of originality and innovativeness in the project. It should be precise, demonstrable if it is an experiment. It should have a new idea or a new concept, if it is a theoretical study. Routine improvement of an existing idea is generally discouraged". Hope this helps.
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    I am presently in class 12th. Can you tell me if they continue the scholarship if we get into an engineering college. My stream is SA.
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    yeah sure.......
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