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L&O: Trial by Jury - good?

  1. Dec 2, 2005 #1
    Law & Order : Trial by Jury is now being syndicated and I have the chance to start from the beginning. Is it worth it, who knows about this spin-off of L&O? I need to figure out if its worth investing time in, although it I am optimistic because it seems to be more my speed compared to the original L&O.

    Fans or Critics!
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    I must confess that it's the only member of the group that I didn't watch. Saw the first episode, but I was so disappointed at the loss of Jerry Orbach that it just didn't seem right after that. :frown:
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    Soap operas are inane.
  5. Dec 2, 2005 #4
    unlike other quality programing?
  6. Dec 2, 2005 #5
    You mean like the Weather Channel, the Simpsons, CSPAN-1, 2, and 3?
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    Do NOT take the Simpsons name in vain!
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    I didn't realize I was. I named three things which were not inane.
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    naming 5 things and calling them three things is inane
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    Yeah, I am hoping it is coming back strong soon. I like the idea behind it, with the jury interactions.....
  11. Dec 7, 2005 #10

    HAHA, how did I miss this comment? PRICELESS!
  12. Dec 10, 2005 #11
    Well, tonight is the night I'll find out if TBJ is any good.
    If its casualty of ratings or a big ol' bomb.....
    I am hoping that its GOOD!

    I'll have to get back to this thread and post my first impressions.
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    Law and Order: Trial By Jury was the best show on television for the short time it was on. It is a shame it got cancelled, they should have ditched CI instead.

    TBJ had some of the best episodes of any show I've ever watched. Outstanding show.
  14. Dec 14, 2005 #13

    YES....I loved it!
    It is bittersweet because I know its only one season, but I will be watching religiously from now on. Bebe is brilliant in this role as well...
    I don't know why it didn't get ratings, it seems like it is going to get better with each episode.
  15. Dec 14, 2005 #14
    Ditch CI? Are you nuts? Criminal Intent is my favorite of all the Law and Orders
  16. Dec 14, 2005 #15
    I really liked it. I thought it was engaging, and I always preferred the original L&O, because it had the most court and prosecution scenes. I dislike CI for the lack of them.

    But other people I know complained about it being too "boring" or "heavy", which I would assume is why it was cancelled. If it's not a laugh-track comedy or a gore fest, then it's bound to get the axe nowadays. Makes you wonder why someone would watch a Law and Order series if they wanted something that wasn't heavy though.
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    I barely even remember this show existing. Since people are bringing up great shows that didn't last long, though, Firefly needs to be mentioned. It's hard to believe how the idiots at Fox can continually cancel good shows while retaining the mediocre ones, but hey, I guess the Nielsen families prefer mediocrity. Let's just hope that Showtime saves Arrested Development, as is being rumored.
  18. Dec 15, 2005 #17
    I like it, I really cannot wait for it to start up again in a month or so.

    edit.. aww crap, it was canceled!!! I did not know that.

    NBC sucks, they killed BoomTown like that too.
  19. Dec 15, 2005 #18
    Are you NUTS!!!! CI is awesome!!! no one beats Vincent D'Onofrio for most kooky detective!!!

    I love how he messes with people :-)
  20. Dec 15, 2005 #19
    Well... the show did rock, and I wish that the stars would let Sci-Fi revive it, but they do not want to do a television series anymore.... and to bad for them that the movie did not make money in theaters... it was a great movie. Morons like my friend though apparently cannot link it to the TV show (though it fits in fine).
  21. Dec 15, 2005 #20
    HAHAHA Exactly!!!!!! I was watching an old episode of CI last night (they show a ton of reruns on Bravo and USA), and they told this girl that her boyfriend gave her HIV. She later set her boyfriend up, and the cops got him. She told her boyfriend that he ruined both of their lives, and then Eames told her that she was going to live a long healthy life, she didn't have aids. Then Goren looked at her and said, I'm sorry, I lied. And the look on her face was hilarious :rofl:
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