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L. Riofrio GM = tc^3

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    In this http://www-conf.slac.stanford.edu/einstein/Talks/aspauthor2004_3.pdf" [Broken] L. Riofrio introduces a GM = tc^3 relation. where does this come from. Please help

    I know that GM=rv^2 for orbits. This is simple enough, but She also introduces a r=ct term and v=c I'd like to know whee this comes from.
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    :( is there really no one
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    Well, the general framework is that, beyond Newton constant, the universe has some empirical data http://pdg.lbl.gov/2009/reviews/rpp2009-rev-astrophysical-constants.pdf and you could look for relationships between. I understand that Louise tries a fresh approach to universe total mass, M, and Hubble constant, 1/t. But after looking at it, you should go to standard cosmology and compare results..
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    Another foundational question. Here it seems in her paper C is changing with time. IS there a violation of the conservation laws here
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