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L shape pipeline deflection

  1. Oct 30, 2014 #1

    Uncle have one question.
    How to calculate the deflection of the upper flange if the pipe configuration is like the attached picture. How to include the weight of the pipe, can I assume it as the distribution load? And what if there is another load acting downward at the middle of the upper side.

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    deflection due to weight? Or heat? what? Full of water? Full of coal tar pitch? Half full?

    The most difficult part will be the analysis of the elbow.
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    Hi Travis_King,

    Let say I have an empty pipe. So the deflection is just due to the weight of pipe and and the flange, right?.
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    Yep, the weight of the pipe can be considered a distributed load. The flange may be considered a point load.
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    An energy approach (Castigliano) may be your best bet here.
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