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L. T. of f(x,t)+g(x,t) = [L.T. f(x,t)]+[L.T. g(x,t)]?

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    Suppose I have a pair of solutions of the one dimensional massless complex wave equation in 1+1 dimensional spacetime, solutions with equal and opposite momentum in some rest frame,

    Ψ+ = exp[-i(Et+px)]
    Ψ- = exp[-i(Et-px)]

    Does it matter if

    1) I sum Ψ+ and Ψ- and then preform a Lorentz Transformation, or
    2) preform the Lorentz Transformation, L.T., on Ψ+ and Ψ- and then sum?

    L. T. [f(x,t)+g(x,t)] = [L.T. f(x,t)]+[L.T. g(x,t)] ?

    I think the answer is it should not matter the order of operation but I am having trouble simplifying my algebra. Just wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Probably keep it on the back burner till this weekend. Thanks.
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