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Automotive L2.4/10 air screw comporessor

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    we have an air comporessor driven by dc series motor direct start the the system work and stop many times as the air decrease in the main resirvoir , thus the motor temperature get more hot
    as an electirical engineer i want to protect the motor starting by add soft starter to it
    But the male and female screw lubricating oil depend up on the delivered compressed air wich splashing the oil over there
    And when i add the starter the speed at starting period is less than 1500rpm and the air decrease the starting period may be afew second
    Is this affec on the lubricating of male and female of the comporessor?
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    Great zis mean many people now knowing the problem
    But till know no any reply

    Wat is happen?

    If you have anty question you can ask me
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    no response!!!
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    You figure it out yet?
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