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Homework Help: Lab on fourier optics

  1. Jul 14, 2013 #1
    Hi all

    Last week i had an exam in electro-optics lab.
    we were given a question in optical Fourier setup (attached)

    and then we have some questions about the purpose of the setup.

    I claimed that the aim of the proposed setup is very similar to 4-f system for inverse Fourier transform/reconstruct the aperture.
    My problem was that the focal length of the 2nd len doesn't placed exactly on the Fourier plane (displaced by less than 1[cm]). because of the experience in the lab I assumed that this minor displacement won't change much of my answer - maybe we won't get the perfect transform by means of visibility, but in general that what we will see on the screen --> the inverse transform.
    yes it's contradict the theory, but as i realized that the theory have a little margins with actual experiments, I thinking maybe I am right in this case.

    any help with theory and approval :) or disapproval :( will be nice.
    I'm planing the rebuild this setup...

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