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Homework Help: Lab questions

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    Ok, we were doing a lab yesterday in physics class, and we had to find the velocity of a bullet hitting a block with a hole in it's center, and is hung... when the bullet hit the block, it made a 18 degree angle... my teacher gave us a formula for finding the velocity of the block and we got the velocity, but he wants us to put in the lab report how the angle and the height of the string holding the block relates to the momentum of the bullet
    can anyone help?
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    If you know the velocity of the block with the bullet in it, and you know the weight of the block, you can calculate the total momentum of the system. I'm assuming the block was at rest when the bullet struck it, to that total momentum will be the momentum of the bullet before it hit the block.

    You will need to use your formula for the velocity of the block just after the bullet hits to show how you can calulate the momentum.
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