Lab Report for AP Chem.

Some one plz check my lab report for me if it sound right (this is the first two section of my lab report). It had to be in third person pt of view, and written in passive voice. Plz give me any suggestions, or background of Cu and I, or wording of the intro. and procedure. They CANNOT be short...Thanks a lot for ur time.

Finding the Formula of a Copper Iodine
As the title directed, copper and iodine was used in this lab. The reaction was observed as the two elements reacted. Copper could have a charge of one or two. Iodine was a very active element. In addition, iodine was a diatomic element. Therefore, the reaction was to help determining whether the product was CuI or CuI2.
First of all, the copper was cleaned using the steal wool. After that, it was weighed. Next, a little amount of iodine was sprinkled on the copper. Then, the compound was warmed gently over the flame until all iodine was gone. After that, the copper and product was weighed. The Copper was, again, cleaned under the water. Lastly, the dry copper was reweighed
For your introduction I'd put the last sentence first:

The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the reaction of copper and iodine produces CuI or CuI2.

It helps in scientific writing to be as up front and forward as possible.

In your procedure, the sequence of sentences will tell the reader the sequence of steps. "Firstly" "secondly" "lastly" "next" "then" "afterwards" etc. aren't really necessary. As long as the sentences are complete they're fine. And watch those pronouns- say "copper" instead of "it".

In your introduction you state that you see the reaction occuring. Describe this in your procedure: e.g. it was noticed that the color of the copper changed from golden brown to black, there were bright blue sparks, this abomination onto the lord produced noxious fumes that verily smote three adjacent students, etc. With observations it helps to be descriptive.

best of luck.
I thought that the iodine turns into purple smoke during the reaction.
Originally posted by gigi9
I thought that the iodine turns into purple smoke during the reaction.
You thought? Did you see it? If so, put it in the report. If you didn't see it then don't put it in the report. If you didn't do the experiment, don't do the report.

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