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LAB Reports

  1. Dec 6, 2005 #1
    As part of my Degree I had been told I need to produce a Lab report!

    I have a small problem with this! I don’t know how to write one. I have never read a Lab report, so I am unsure as to the format/layout and content of one.

    What I’m asking is for advise on how to set out a report, things i should try to include and things I can leave out, general dos and don’ts.

    I’ve posted this in GD instead of the homework section as i would rather have an open discussion on the style of the report.

    As Educators/students and professionals I am sure you have seen some good and bad reports, what has stood out as memorable and why?
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    I always do the following
    Title page
    Purpose {not procedural}
    Background, define terms,provide samples, present diagrams and elaborate upon their meaning.
    Procedure...basicaly step by step, often broken down into parts.
    Data..clearly labled graphs, listing of input /output data and observations.
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    I like to include:

    Title Page
    Discussion of procedure, - methods, techniques, equipment
    Presentation of results
    Discussion of results

    That kind of thing. Obviously omit whatever isn't relevant.
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