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Lab - Resistivity of Ge

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    Resistivity of Ge

    I'm doing this lab and haven't taken any SS physics so I'm expected to pick up some of the theory on my own.

    I am having trouble explaining the resistance vs temperature curve for n-type and p-type Germanium, i.e. why does resistance increase and then drop from around 290 K to 400 K?

    Does the relation between resistivity and resistance, [itex]\rho = R \frac{A}{l}[/itex] still hold for a semiconductor at any temperature?

    My intuition wants to say the increased thermal energy of electrons in the conduction band increases resistance from 290 K to the peak, but eventually electrons in the valence band have enough energy to jump the band gap therefore resistance begins to decrease. And I'm not sure about n-type vs p-type here.
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