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Laboratory Apparatus question

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    What piece of apparatus can be used to introduce more liquid into a reaction and also serve as a pressure valve?

    c)thistle tube

    I'm guessing it's the retort. Am I correct? If not can you tell me which one. Thnks...
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    You might want to check the definitions of these articles.

    A retort is simply a vessel with an outlet tube, typically used for distillation, sublimation, or decomposition by heat.

    A pinchcock is a clamp used to regulate or close a flexible tube, especially in laboratory apparatus.

    A stopcock is a valve that regulates the flow of fluid through a pipe, but it does so by being rotated to open and closed, so doesn't regulate pressure very well.

    A thistle tube is simply a thin tube usually with a larger diameter bulb at one end.
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    Thanks, how do find out about these stuff? So i guess the answer is the pinchcock then?
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    Chemistry resources

    Well, I did chemistry a long time ago, so I am somewhat familiar with laboratory apparata (and I had my own chemistry set), and

    one can use hard-copy or on-line dictionaries (e.g. www.dictionary.com), or scientific encyclopedias, and if either of those don't work, I just use google and search for key works, like the names of objects you mentioned, which in the case of the thistle tube, lead me to a manufacturer of glass-ware.

    Also, IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - ( http://www.iupac.org/index_to.html [Broken] ) has on-line resources.

    Best wishes in your studies.
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    Look for Vogel's "Practical Organic chemistry" I downloaded it using Lizard tech deje-vu as a reader. I found that there is an Adobe version also. If I can locate the link I will post it. It has a great wealth of lab set-up information along with diagrams of the apparatus.
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    In another thread you posted a question about the Thistletube. Perhaps you need to review the lab appartus you described in that question, and ask yourself what is the purpose of the Thistletube.
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    The problem is I DIDN'T know what the purpose of the thistletube was... my teacher does not do lab work with apparatuses such as that and pinchcock.... In fact we only do at most 20-30% of the lab works needed for the exam.
    And besides, i posted this question up before the other one. O ya, and thanks for your reply integral, i think i understand it now.
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