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LabView 8.5

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    Hi everybody,

    I have a very simple question for programmers and automation professionals,

    My friend told me that I can use the program National Instruments LabView as an Oscilloscope through the serial cable!!!

    Is this true??? and what are the limits of this advantage?

    I'm using this program for the first time, so can anyone offer me some samples?

    Thanks :cool:
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    No, it is not true.
    You can of course use the serial port (or better, the parallel port) to connect to an external DAC and then use Labview to acquire data, but this is slow process and you can never reach the kind of speed you need for an oscilloscope.
    The serial port is only useful for logging slowly varying data (e.g. temperature).
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    It will be sooooooo much easier to just buy an oscilloscope if you need a oscilloscope.
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    Not to mention cheaper...
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