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LabView similar Opensource

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    Hi, I'd like to seek your help. Do you have any knowledge of an opensource software like LabView application.
    I will doing some cheap experiment that involve some pulse or wave signals I need to monitor. Hope someone could help. Similar projects may be?
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    What do you mean by open source? Labview is not open source software. Are you asking for similar software that is open source?
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    Yes, a similar ppossibly an equivalent free software we can use.
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    Often, an instrument manufacturer like LeCroy or Agilent will have free control & monitoring software for their instruments. An example is Scope Explorer from LeCroy for their oscilloscopes:


    I'd start by looking at the instrument manufacturer websites for the instruments that you want to control. I don't know of any open source software for this, but others may be able to point you to something. Can you say more about specifically what you want to do?
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    There are various Python toolboxes out there that might work. You don't actually need to know much about programming to control instruments, most of the issues one encounters tend to be related to the instruments themselves rather than whatever one uses to control them.

    There are also several ready-made toolboxes/frameworks which include a GUI, I am not sure how good they are but I have colleagues who claim that at least some of them are at least as good as Labview (and free!)
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    Thanks for the info. I intend to use it to monitor signal, outputs.
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    LabIVew is moving into the maker movement - and they do offer a Home Version - , dealers like Sparkfun have kits with it.

    if you are going to use it professionally it does get expensive for the seat - professional tool = professional price

    I googled open source for this an got a few hits, but nothing remarkable. I had visited a Uni a few years ago and they had a knock off, they set up their lab with it and then the SW supplier got sued by NI, and shutdown. So the lab had done this work but the base software did not have support. NI created it, and they defend it vigorously.
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