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Lack of motivation

  1. Oct 20, 2013 #1
    Hello, this is my first topic here.
    I'm studying mathematics, this is my 2nd year and I have a problem about studying. In my life, I studied exams just before some days and I know that I should start to study regularly.
    These days, im spending my time with comp. games or surfing on the Internet.
    I have 3.3/4 and I will keep it around 3.3
    So, what do you suggest, how should I start, should I find a goal ?
    (p.s I wake up at 6.30 am and usually sleep at 1.00 am, also generally feel dizzy at school :smile:)

    thank you
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  3. Oct 20, 2013 #2
    Do you enjoy what you are studying? Do you wake up wanting to go to class, or do you dread it? That could be a factor in why you don't want to study it. It might help if you study in groups too, usually studying alone is much less exciting and fulfilling
  4. Oct 20, 2013 #3
    I was enjoying studying Number Theory. I came to half of the book and after that chapter, I did not understand theorems, proofs. They were like strangers to me, so, I looked for another proofs but nothing changed. So I stopped studying that. It was just a hobby. I do not like studying Linear Algebra, but I like Analysis and mostly Algebra.
    My friends in the class just consider the grade, only work for exams. Moreover, studying with them is generally no-efficient, so I have to study alone..
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    I'd recommend talking to someone about it in person (not over the internet). Find someone (or some people) and be honest with them and try and talk to people who are biased and unbiased towards mathematics.
  6. Oct 23, 2013 #5
    Generally would you say that your average sleep time is only 5 and half hours? Sleeping so little reduces willpower greatly. Have you tried adderall yet? lol. When you lack willpower, you tend to not be able to get into "flow" as easily and flow is what makes anything fun. Read up the wiki on "Flow" for more information.

    Also exercise, eat well, have a stimulating social life = natural adderall.

    Perhaps also, you may not be seeing what you are squandering and the consequences of your actions. You are obviously able and so many people would love to be in your position, so perhaps be more grateful and thus understand much more clearly what type of situation you are in.

    Also, meditate for increased willpower, always be mindful.

    Do those things first, and if everything is fine otherwise and it is your major that is causing your difficulties with motivation, then perhaps you should explore similar disciplines like engineering.

    Maybe you are just burnt out and need a breather though. I could actually go on and suggest several more factors that may be contributing and if you want I will.
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    These statements are incongruent. If you are only studying right before the exam then you, also, are only working for exams, right?

    You need to sleep more - a lot more.

    You don't realize it, but you are in a very dangerous situation. You're in your second year and classes are going to get a lot tougher now, but you have not yet established good study and lifestyle habits.

    Push your reset button. Stop with the computer games, they don't enhance your life - in fact they just suck time from your life and leave you with nothing. Limit your internet time - you must get discipline now. Your grades are still good, don't waste all your effort.

  8. Oct 23, 2013 #7


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    That's my opinion as well.
  9. Oct 24, 2013 #8
    thank you for the advices.

    I would like to learn other factors, plz
    Also you said 'adderal', I think to use some drug like it, which one do you suggest for rare use ? Any recipes that can make me more awake and concentrated ?

    I mean, I took linear algebra and I had to get nice grade but I did not take Number Theory. Studying NT was just a hobby.. So I'm saying that my friends always study for the lessons that we take, not the subjects like NT, etc.
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