Lack of social welfare system in China

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    This is very sad, a family took their own mother to be cremated while she was still alive because they couldn't afford the medical bills.

    Is the welfare system in China really that bad? I'd like to hear from some of our members that are there.

    "BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese peasant woman who suffered a brain hemorrhage was left at the undertakers alive for cremation because her family could no longer afford hospital treatment, state media said on Friday.;_ylu=X3oDMTA4NTMzazIyBHNlYwMxNjk2
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  3. where's TSM when we need him? :tongue2:

    I agree though this is a really sad story. The transition to a free market economy in China has the potential to be even more devastating for the Chinese peasants than Russia's was for their's.
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    No, that wasn't it.
  6. Oh.... bummer, it was quite amusing.
  7. Yes it's bad, in particular for one part of the population: those that fell out between the cooperatives and the modern "Dengism" economy.
    State owned companies are sold out by the government to Chinese would be capitalists (typically the guy with the loudest mouth, best relations etc..) The workers then loose their guaranteed employment, and have nothing to fall back on. More later, I'm on a plane to BJ! (the city!)
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    Have a safe trip!
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    Mercator, give TSM my regards when you see him.

    Indeed a very sad story - and the woman is only 47 years of age.

    Much the same in Eastern Europe. Some of my friends must get by on the equivalent of $200-$300/month - and quite a few have PhD's. The rush to western capitalist, free-market economies left many behind.
  10. Why should they have a social welfare system? The goverment is unelected, and so doesn't really need the public's approval on much. Furthermore, with the amount of people in that country, spreading the wealth around in social welfare programs would invariably spread the wealth far too thin. You've gotta build up quite a bit of lucre in order to have a proper welfare system.
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