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Lack of Speed

  1. Jul 30, 2005 #1
    Hi Guys
    Pls help me a bit on this!
    I bought a system but the problem which it is experiencing the lack of speed of the LAN!
    Well i don't get what exactly is it -
    Is the problem with the LAN chord or with the inbuilt LAN Card!!
    Well most of the systems in the hostel here download with speeds in around 5 mbps and mine one around 500 kbps!!
    What exactly i will have to do to get the downloading speed back!!
    I am with all my ears on hearing your valuable suggestion!!
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    How old is your computer? The cable shouldn't be a problem... and even if its an outdated card, it still should provide speeds of about 10mbps
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    Computer isn't that old!!Around 7/8 months !
    I am not able to think what can be the problem!!
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    I suppose all decives are showing 'green'? What about security stuff - firewall handicapping the connection, "huge" anti-virus web shield scanning everything and slowing things down or something related? Or anything new in this front (or in the system overall) as of late which could explain the problem (unless it's been there all along of course).
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    Are you getting alot of collisions? There should be a light either on the ethernet card or on your router that tells you when packet collisions are happening.
  7. Aug 1, 2005 #6
    Well i did not got the problem yet,but a professional fixed it,well it was a minor one.
    Thanks for your responses guys!!
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