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Lactase query

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    I imagine this is an easy question about lactase, but I don't have any good reference materials to make a valid calculation.

    At one time a commercial product of lactase (Lactaid) was formulated as liquid and could be added to dairy products (milk, cream) to digest the lactose. (use for lactose intolerant individuals)

    Today this product (Lactaid) is apparently only available as a solid (caplets). Since the liquid form is not available, can we use the caplets in the same way? (dissolve directly into milk). Directions on Lactaid caplets say: take 3 caplets before eating dairy products, which does not apply to my question.

    (a) If we knew the amount of lactase/caplet?
    (b) and how much lactose is digested per amount of lactase?
    (c) and how much lactose is present say per volume of milk?
    Once the above is known, it would be straight forward calculation, how many caplets are needed per volume of milk.

    The product literature states there are 9000 Units (FCC)/serving. Since there are 3 caplets/serving, I interpret this to mean, there are 3000 Units lactase per caplet.

    Since Unit is an ambiguous term,
    (d) what is Unit to milligram conversion?

    I only have a partial answer to (a) 3000 Units. I have researched the web looking for answers to the other questions and found some possibilities but cannot verify them. I wished to compare with someone familiar with this enzymatic action.
    Thanks in advance, for your help.
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    Just verified answer to (c)
    On composition label for a gallon of skim milk, it states 12gm sugar/serving. (serving = 1 cup=240ml) so lactose in milk is 50gm/L

    This is also consistent with information I found earlier in web published http://www.funhouse.com/babs/lactose.html [Broken].
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    Any biochemistry folks know where I may find out how much lactose (gms) is digested per amount (gms) of lactase?

    (I have learned that lactase or any enzyme for that matter, is not consumed in the process, but released and may subsequently work on additional molecules of lactose, so there is some rate of conversion over time. And this rate is temperature dependant).
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