Ladies, what is ´´creepy´´?

  1. Between men and women, it seems that the WORST thing a man can be is ´´creepy´´. You can be a smart guy with a good job and if you´re creepy girls will reject you forever.

    So in an effort to help some guys meet some nice girls without scaring them off, let´s run down some creepy things that guys should avoid.

    You ladies know best, but from my perspective I´d say some of the most common creepy things I see guys doing:

    - Staring at girls across the room forever without talking to them.

    - Following girls around hoping for the perfect opportunity to talk presents itself, but never actually talking.

    - Stammering nervously with eyes darting around the room when they talk to girls.

    - Leaning into a girls personal space when a girl talks to them.

    - Acting (or being) WAAAAAY too interested in whatever a girl´s saying, ie. cracking up at every joke, agreeing strongly with every statement, generally being a lapdog.

    The solutions to these being:

    - Simply go up and talk to her.
    - Talk calmly and confidently.
    - Hold your posture and don´t fall all over a girl just cause you have the chance to talk to her.
    - Don´t just laugh and say ´´yes´´ to whatever she says to try to make her think you´re simmmilar, be your own person and display your own personality.

    Bassically, don´t act like it´s a huge deal to simply talk to a girl, cause it´s not.
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  3. Oh and giving a gift to someone you don´t know or hardly know is also creepy. More stalker than romantic. Really gifts never win you affection, they´re only for people who already care for you, you should never directly or inderectly try to buy anyone´s affection.
  4. creepy? when a really old guy hits on a much younger girl its creepy... touching someone when you dont know them can be a bit creepy... following people around is creepy, stalking is creepy. asking really personal questions wehn you are not that close is creepy... the list continues

    stammering is ok, they cant help it.
    looking, and then smiling, and then looking away is ok. just dont stare expressionlessly and never looking away.
  5. Math Is Hard

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    I had an odd neighbor who was into leather-crafting and was always leaving me little gifts on my doorknob. I would come home to find keychains, luggage tags, etc. I didn't know him very well so that was a little unsettling.
  6. Evo

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    Awww, maybe they were lonely and had no one else to give the stuff they made.

    Now if they had left whips, and corsets...
  7. Vanadium 50

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    You would need both whips AND corsets before you were unsettled? :bugeye:
  8. :rofl:
  9. rhody

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    You guys just kill me... chuckle...

    My first, last and only post in this thread... pithy to boot.

    Rhody... :uhh:
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  10. Pengwuino

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    Pff, I know girls who WANT guys to be their lapdog.
  11. Ivan Seeking

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    Assuming the guy isn't some kind of psycho, the difference between cute and creepy exists only in the mind of the woman. It is all a matter of perception. If the chemistry isn't there, nothing you can do will be good enough. If the chemistry is there, it will be tough to screw things up without really trying. If you have to follow a checklist in order to meet someone, you are undermining your own relationship by setting artificial standards and acting artificially. Just be yourself - act as your normally would with anyone else. While one girl might find something about your behavior creepy, another might find it cute or appealing.

    Any old married guy will tell you that it's a waste of time trying to understand women. :biggrin: Even women don't understand women.
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  12. Ivan Seeking

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    When I see 20-something year old women marrying 70 and 80 year old men, I think it's fair to say that no man has any way to know how any given woman will react if he shows an interest - age included.
  13. Evo

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    But I think marrying a 93 year old millionaire is more tempting than marrying a 93 year old medicare recipient. Even if she has a prenup that says she gets nothing if she leaves him until he dies, she probably figures death will come quicker than waiting for a divorce settlement.
  14. Evo

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    well. Maybe a whip, cat o'nine tails...

    It's just that I remember neighbors that would give me little gifts, something that they made and they were too shy to really come over. I remember when the old lady next door came over and ratted out another neighbor whose dad was visiting and his dog had killed my cat. He took my cat and buried it in his daughter's backyard. She witnessed it and thought I should know. Anyway, ratting out a neighbor is like a gift.
  15. drizzle

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    Having a shower for hours! Actually the lady told me that [her story] said they got divorced because of it, I think there're other reasons.
  16. Evo

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    My ex would shower for 45 minutes, take a bath for 2 hours, refilling the tub several times to keep the water hot, then shower 30 minutes afterwards. And he'd blow his nose out in the shower, it was so gross.
  17. You got it right, man.
  18. Creepy....
    I have this guy friend, when you befriend him were all happy and he is holding my arm but when I try to let go he doesnt and he says "DONT LEAVE ME." in a very very deep and devilish tone. he would stalk you ALL THE TIME and he would sit like NO INCH apart and stare at you while youre eating... THE WHOLE TIME WITHOUT TALKING

  19. rhody

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    I lied, my second and last post to this thread, I decided to post after finding...

    After I read this, I would say it has the potential to be useful (at times) and way creepy in the wrong hands...

    Useful... for some anyway...
    Future embarrassment...
    and finally, well, creepy...
    Rhody... :uhh: Not for me, but for some who can't resist being out of touch, a calculated risk...
  20. Pengwuino

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    Makes the work of a hitman that much easier.
  21. Bingo. Just do what you want (Caveat: this does not include violence or threats, and if a women says no or go away, assume she means it). Learn by making mistakes.
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