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LAG in IP cameras

  1. Feb 4, 2013 #1
    Hello Forum,

    I have an IP camera that has some amount of LAG from when the movement occurs to when it shows up in the browser.
    What causes that? If I bought a more expensive camera would it the lag disappear?

    the camera works well with Internet Explorer (remotely). but It is terrible with Safari, Chrome, etc...when I try to access it from the internet...

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    I'm assuming you are streaming data into your browser. If you're accessing remotely via the internet then i'm guessing the problem is bandwidth. Videos contain a very large amount of data and you would need a fairly hefty connection to get a good framerate from a raw camera feed. This isnt like watching a video on yourtube for example as those videos are encoded in a different format that compresses the information specifically with the purpose of viewing on the internet.

    Your camera most likely doesn't do that.
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    Hello Routaran,

    I have heard that the camera works well with IE but not well with Fixefox or Chrome.....
    Not related to bandwidth this time...

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    Then I would suggest using IE with this camera. Some programs simply don't play well together. I use SharePoint at work and unless I use IE, the system simply doesn't work the way its supposed to.
    Trying to troubleshoot the other browsers as there may simply not be possible. The best place to ask would be the Camera's support group. Fire them an email/post on their message board and find out if this device is compatible with the other browsers.
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