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Lagrange Polynomials Questions

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    Lagrange Polynomals are defined by:

    lj(t)= (t-a0) ....(t-aj-1)(t-aj+1)...(t-an) / (aj-a0)...(aj-aj-1)(aj-aj+1)...(aj-an)

    A) compute the lagrange polynomials associated with a0=1, a1=2, a2=3. Evaluate lj(ai).

    B) prove that (l0, l1, .... ln) form a basis for R[t] less than or equal to n.

    C) Deduce the Lagrange interpolation formula.

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    I suggest that rather than asking for help on my homework assignments in a forum where it specifically states "this is not for homework" that you instead come to the tutorials.
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