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Lagrangian for black hole

  1. Jun 29, 2011 #1

    I have lagrangian like this:


    2.png (1)

    And I am going to consider the equations of motion of the fields by varying the action related to this lagrangian with respect to 3.png and 4.png .

    But I am still confused with these things:

    From eq. (1) I can see that the Planck Mass is set to 1, but what does this mean?

    What will happen if scalar potensial is zero, 5.png

    What's the difference between scalar Ricci 6.png and 7.png

    After getting the equations of motion of the fields, I have to solve them (Einstein equation and scalar fields), but I have no clue why I picked this lagrangian, does anyone can explain me why?
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