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Classical Lagrangian Mechanics

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    What books include the theory of lagrangian mechanics? And where can i also find some problems?Could lagrangian mechanics help me in solving problems with oscillations?
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    Mathematical Method of Classical Mechanics by VI Arnold

    Classical Mechanics: Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Formalism by Alexei Deriglazov (I haven't read this book)

    David Morin's problem book on classical mechanics.

    Depends highly on the problem.
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    A short introduction is Landau&Lifshitz vol. 1. It doesn't even bother you with "naive mechanics" but uses right away the much simpler approach through the action principle!
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    a student's guide to lagrangians and hamiltonians by patrick hamill, Or you can use landau book, Wolfgang nolting 2 analytical mechanics.
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    Thank you very much guys!
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