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Laid off

  1. Dec 6, 2003 #1
    Sooo i was laid off yesterday. Went in to get my paycheck and they fired me. Gave me a nice long speach about budget and stuff and i was like ok whatever. So i drove over and picked up my friend and brought her to work, they told her she was laid off too, and so i was like wanna go apply at shaws? so we both go over to shaws. I end up interviewing with two people because one of them was new, and i made them laugh and stuff and we had a good ole time. Then they were like "oh well your just a doll, can you do a second interview?" so i ask my sister (she was with us too) and friend if they could wait 10 more min cause i had a second interview. So i do the second one, and they hire me on the spot, tell me orientations in a week and say welcome aboard!

    Same thing happened at my first job, they hired me right away... SO i'm begining to think jeeze... how am i gonna react if i'm not hired on the spot?!? that's gonna be weird... I assume that most people aren't so lucky eh?
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    What about your friend? Did she get a job too? Or did they reject her and now she's pissed off at you? Or did they require you to defeat her in mortal combat to determine which one they hired?
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    hahahaha, no she wasn't hired. Actually, they even commented that they really had enough people anyways. But they seriously loved me. I probably could have gotten the one lady to loan me money. she thought i was just sooo sweet and cool and everything. And everyone loved my outfit, and we talked about a million obscure things. I must be the best interviewer ever. All of them were like well, i hope once you get settled in i'll get to see how your doing with everything. I'm so awesome...

    When we got in the car, my sister and friend just kept making fun of me. It was funny. My friend was just like B*TCH and i laughed, and my lil sister was like, she's always like this, everyone always loves her, she's soo lucky. So it was pretty sweet.
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    I know exactly what you mean...at my current job, not only did I start working within days of applying, but they gave me 50 cents more an hour than what they advertised. What will I ever do if I try to get a job and they don't bend over backwards to hire me?
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    People with social skills, puh!
    (I can't think of A better word to express digust)
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    Gale, you may be cut out for politics.
  8. Dec 6, 2003 #7
    Dirty politicians, puh.
  9. Dec 6, 2003 #8

    I used to want to be a politician... the whole slacker thing though... and you have to work to be a good politician.... so yeah... gave up on that idea... thought about lawyer too, but gave up for same reason....

    Yeah i really though... what do you do when people aren't dying to have you work for them... i know people say that happens... but i dunno.

    ...oh and thanks for all the sympathy about losing my old job...
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    It's not your dream job, I presume, so it's no biggie, right? :smile:
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    Happy Birthday!
    :smile: :smile:
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    i got very lucky with my current job...summer of 2002, my boss at my old job gave me squat for a raise when i was given a ton more responsibility...so, that day i looked in the paper, applied for the first job i thought i could be qualified for, and within 15 minutes my prospective boss called me for an interview...once i interviewed for it (a sales job), he found out i had some contacts at customers he had also as customers...

    they offered me the job, and i accepted only if i could give my current employer 3 weeks notice, and he held the job for me till then...i also was offered $2.00 more an hour...THEN, 3 months later i was promoted to a sales rep and given a salary of about $1000 more a month then my job i was just at 6 months previous...

    yes, i got very lucky
  13. Dec 6, 2003 #12
    OH my GOODNESS!!! You POOR, POOR thing!!!!! PITY, PITY, PITY, PITY, PITY!!!!!!!!
  14. Dec 6, 2003 #13

    AWW, thanks zoob... i know, i like cried sorta... and was wicked upset kinda... yeah... poor poor me....
  15. Dec 6, 2003 #14
    Like I already said: Happy Birthday!
  16. Dec 6, 2003 #15
    Above, here, I tried to pay you a nice compliment for the great way you handled your dilema.
  17. Dec 7, 2003 #16
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