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Lambda bar in word 2007?

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    Wasn't sure which forum to put this in...

    Is there a way to type lambda bar in word 07? Really basic thing. I'm sure there must be a way to do it. I have just been using \lambda and then formatting it with strikethrough. It doesn't look very professional though. The bar should be a little higher and angles slightly. I've searched these forums, and google, and looked in the list of symbols provided in microsoft help, and I can't find it. Does anyone know how to do it?
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    Is lambda-bar on that page? I can't see it.
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    It looks like this should solve your problem. Otherwise, I would copy and paste one off the internet and put it in your document.
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    I know how to add symbols in word. It's not in there.
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    Then the only other thing I would suggest is to make it in paint from lambda. I know Open Office Math makes these.
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    Thanks for the advice. I think I might just keep on doing strikethrough, although I could buy a latex plugin for it or something. I just like word as I'm used to it.
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    Copy the lambdabar symbol under Java here: http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/019b/index.htm

    Open up word 2007, open up equation editior, paste the symbol into the equation editor and highlight.


    To the Left Hand Side of the tab to the right of the Word Tools is a small orange button. Click it. This opens equation options, go to maths autocorrect:

    Then type your keyboard shortcut in the box beside in for example \lambar

    It should work fine like the other keyboard shortcuts in word 2007 equation editor once that is done.

    Works for me anyway :)
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    Hey, thanks for the response. I'm sure others will find this tip useful, but I'm actually just using LaTeX now. It is so much more versatile, and the code is more portable...for posting questions here etc. I also find it doesn't have the quirks that word has. I often have problems because I'm still learning, but I can always figure out where I've gone wrong, whereas word seems to just do weird stuff for no reason sometimes.

    But yeah, thanks again for the response. Great first post by the way :D
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    MathType (the fuller-featured version of Word's Equation Editor) has lambda-bar. I'm using MathType 6 on a Mac.
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    Thanks :D

    I got a bit too used to the office 2007 equation editor, so I am much faster on it then on Mathtype. The best guide to the keystroke shortcuts for office 2007 that I have found is here, however knew most of them by the time I discovered it: http://www.chem.mtu.edu/~tbco/cm416/EquationEditor_main.pdf

    I am barely even a beginner on mathtype, I think I installed it and used it once.

    The only problem I have with word 2007 equation editor is that the equations tend to shrink (fractions, sums and integrals etc) when standard text is placed on the same line as them. So I have to end up typing most of my document in equation editor in order to keep the equations from shrinking.

    Also before I used to have problems where half my equations wouldn't print but I saved them to pdf and then printed the pdf and that always seemed to work. Maybe microsoft will address these issues in the next version of word.

    Although this may be unrelated does anyone know how to get hats, underbars and overbars in MATLAB charts (for labelling the axis). I mean the rest is similar to equation editor \alpha, \beta, a^2, b_2.

    I had a look around for this but I only found basic documentation all the time telling me how to label an axis but hoing to the menu and then typing in the desire label.
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