Lambda interacts with gravity to give expantion

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    it has been stated that lambda interacts with gravity to
    give expantion,can anyone give the" mechanics" of this
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    Re: lambda

    I can not wolram.
    I find it puzzling that the concentraton of energy and the pressure in a region should curve the space around it

    this is what this 1915 equation says

    it says, in words

    curvature = (some constant times) energy density and pressure

    if it was only energy density that would be mysterious enough but have you registered that it is, to a small extent, the pressure inside the core of the sun that makes the sun attractive to the earth and holds us in orbit

    this 1915 equation is still on our plate, we dont seem to have assimiliated it yet, or what space is or time is either

    Lambda is just some energy that has some (negative) pressure associated with it. It gets into the equation pretty much like other energy and pressure----the premier puzzle is why energy and pressure work at all to curve space
  4. wolram

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    thankyou MARCUS.

    well if you dont have the answer its no use looking

    any more.
  5. marcus

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    probably an example of the renowned warwickshire humour
    that americans do not understand:wink:

    it seems like the most interesting question around
    and I suspect you agree
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    Maybe the accelerating expansion is a result of the breakdown at large distances instead of small of GR as a classical theory. (And thus my quota of one crazy idea a day is filled).
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    facinating and hateful, i would love to kill
    it and have it with mint sauce.
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