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Lambshift - vacuum - creation

  1. Jul 11, 2004 #1
    Trying to understand how far I can go with my representation of the vacuum (spontaneous random polarization forces -see my webpage- (srpf) acting on the space time, alias geometric structure), I consider:
    1°) each point immerged in it as if it was a system with two possible states: a stabile one (state 2) with energy 0 and a set of instable (state 1) one with energy 0 too (because we stay in vacuum);
    2°) that a “couplage” exists between these two states because of the energetic perturbation due to the srpf i.e. W where Delta t = (1/T) is the duration of the perturbation,
    and try to apply a way of thinking made by Lamb and Retherford giving the probability to find this system (each point in vacuum) in a given state depending of the energy W21.

    Each instable state is associated to an energy given by a complex number:
    E’1 = - i. (h/4pi). T (i² + 1 = 0)
    And the « couplage » gives two new possible values. So that the answer depends of the sign of W - (h/8pi). T. But not only, it depends of the relation of uncertainty of Heisenberg:
    W. Delta t > (h/4pi)
    That is here:
    W > (h/4pi). T > (h/8pi). T
    Leading to the case:
    W - (h/8pi). T > 0
    And we get two different values with the same imaginary part (= same duration) and the same real part but once with a positive and once with a negative energy.
    E’1 = ± [|W|² - (h/8pi)². (T)²] ^1/2 - i. (h/4pi). T

    Question 01: Is this way of thinking correctly describing the birth (creation) of a real particle with its associated real anti-particle in vacuum? Or of a virtual particle with its associated virtual anti-particle in vacuum?
    Question 02: If yes (it describes a creation) which kind of particles (photon, graviton,…)
    Question 03: What is the actual official opinion about this question? I mean can we really observe such spontaneous creation in vacuum during nuclear collisions and reactions?
    Thanks for illuminating my obscurity.
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