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LANCET backfiles now available freely

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    For the first time in medical history, researchers and scholars
    across the globe have the ability to search a historical archive
    of over 340,000 articles dating from THE LANCET'S inception in
    1823. THE LANCET Backfiles are now available on ScienceDirect as
    fully searchable PDFs, supported by citations, abstracts and

    THE LANCET has published some of the first reports on such
    groundbreaking medical research as:

    - The first caesarian performed under anaesthesia
    - Lister's antiseptic principle
    - The value of penicillin
    - Heliobacter pylori
    - HIV Transmission
    - In-vitro fertilization
    - Mad Cow disease
    - SARS as a coronavirus

    For more information on THE LANCET Backfiles visit:
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    Another God

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    Does this mean we can throw out all of the Lancet journals sitting on the shelves in the library I work in?

    Well, i hope not, its really cool flicking through those 1850 journals and looking at the crazy letters those folk wrote back inthose days...
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    Thanks for the info. Hopefully they start a trend here!
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    They do in at my faculty library, they only keep the last ten years of the lancet, but the major library of the university keeps everything. There actually people that do not that recent paper can be access through the net.

    It cool that lancet has gone back to their beginning but it is a hell a work to scan millions of pages. For the American society of microbiology (ASM) paper and many other publisher we have free access to the papers 6 months after their publish some it a year but they only go back to 1998-1996.
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