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Landau Problem Books?

  1. Aug 14, 2013 #1
    I'm wondering what books people would recommend for problems closely paralleling the development of Landau & Lifshitz books?

    For mechanics I have two fantastic ones:

    Kotkin - A Collection of Problems on Classical Mechanics
    Krasnov - Problems & Exercises in the Calculus of Variations

    For quantum mechanics I have:


    Unfortunately I can't find any books for the other volumes, the closest book I have for Classical Theory of Fields is https://www.amazon.com/Problems-Electrodynamics-V-V-Batygin/dp/0120821605, however it doesn't really follow Landau closely. I would love to see some explicit computational examples on determining the full action for the electromagnetic field, for example, like the exercises on the Hamilton-Jacobi equation in Krasnov, & things like that - any ideas?
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