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Landau QM Ch. 1 & 2

  1. May 22, 2014 #1
    Having done a course in QM I still find the first two chapters of Landau Vol. 3 extremely dense. Is there any nice reference that closely parallel's Landau's development, just giving more details/examples? Literally just the first two chapters, but done almost the exact same way + details/examples.
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    So you want a cryptically and poorly written, mind-boggingly hand-wavy treatment with more examples?
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    Hmm... Landau's books are the best there is for an undergraduate as far as I can see, so long as you use Gelfand's Calculus of Variation's as book zero... Ultimately I was wasting my time reading every other book under the sun instead of Landau, so I'm surprised to find such a harsh put-down of such a good book. I'd bet it's our fault for not being up to the game rather than Landau's tbh

    I haven't read it properly in months so I may try reading the 'shorter course' chapters to see if it helps, I'd just like anything supplementary following a similar path - I found such things for the E&M, Gen Rel & Stat Phys thus far.

    If anyone has any idea's though, or is interested in fleshing those mothers out, that'd be great :cool:
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