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Langauge Acquisition : A Broad Discussion

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    Language Acquisition : A Broad Discussion

    This thread is not going to be about anything new, so please try not to post "new theories" but this thread is going to be about several theories that have been proposed and everyone is welcomed to critique these papers as they feel.

    The first paper that i would start of discussing is this one,
    (The faculty of language: what is it, who has it, and how did it evolve? By Chomsky, Hauser and Fitch)
    Once you have done reading the above article, you can go ahead and read this answer to that paper,
    http://www3.isrl.uiuc.edu/~junwang4/langev/localcopy/pdf/pinker_jackendoff.pdf [Broken]
    The Faculty of Language: What's Special about it? By S. Pinker and R. Jackendoff

    Once you get the perspectives of these two papers, then you can comment on these papers in whatever way you feel like commenting.

    -- AI
    P.S -> While reading these papers, you may like to have an intuitive idea of whats a Minimalist Program/Generative Enterprise. Google should help you out with these.
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