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Language tips for the socially impaired?

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    Can you disprove "real life" mathematically?

    Then this thread may be a place to ask for translations from people in the know...

    Can anyone tell me what this means?

    "Yeah, yeah, and yer mother wears army boots."
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    I think at some point in time it was actually insulting for a women to wear boots. Or atleast to suggest a persons mother wore boots.

    I believe it was just a really weak your-momma joke. Maybe one of the originals.

    Or is your question about the slang and improper grammar?
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    I find it exceptionally irritating
    when persons of the British persu-
    asion ask questions about any asp-
    ect of American Culture that I
    cannot answer. I've heard this in-
    sult used all my life and have
    never known exactly what it means.
    This has lead to me spending al-
    most an hour trying to track down
    the origins of this ambiguous

    Apparently someone has recently
    seen fit to devote a whole book to
    this and similar slurs:

    Your Mother Wears Army Boots: A Treasure Trove of Insults, Slurs, and Putdowns

    I hope its origins are thoroughly
    explained in this book, but I'm
    not going to order it to find out.

    This site confirms more or less
    Megashawn's speculation on the

    Your mother wears army boots@Everything2.com

    This is a link to a thread that
    came up on Google started by some-
    one asking the same question. The
    speculation about the insult is
    more salacious, and therefore

    Your mother wears army boots@Everything2.com

    I have also sent an E-mail to a
    "slangologist" about this matter
    and will post his response here if
    it says anything more concrete.

    My fear is that what the
    originator of the insult meant has
    been lost to time. It has evolved
    into a rohrschach insult
    which sounds like it means more
    than it actually does, each person
    interpreting it according to the
    idiosynchracies of his own person-
    al dementia.
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    I always took that one to suggest the woman was an ugly brute, without feminine qualities.
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