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Languages and Job Opportunities over the world

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    Hello all, I live in Malaysia (currently infamous for it's flight efficiency). It's a multiracial country (though the Malays consider it to be an Islamic State illegitimately).

    I have friends who are Chinese educated (They grew up speaking mandarin as their mother tongue). I, on the other hand, am a Chinese who is English educated (though my parents are Chinese educated). Though my parents are Chinese educated, they'd prefer that I have a strong command in English rather than mandarin, hence they brought me and my siblings up speaking English. Though being English educated, I am not totally dumb in Chinese languages as I am able to speak and understand (not very fluent at speaking) but I can't write. My friends who are Chinese educated aren't illiterate in English as well. They may speak decent, understandable English (it's the only way they can communicate with me) but I would have to lower my standard of English vocabulary to avoid sounding arrogant.

    Here, a Chinese like me (who isn't Chinese educated but English educated) is called a 'banana'. It's not really a racist remark. Basically why they call Chinese people like me as 'banana', is because a banana has a yellow skin (Asians are yellow), but are white on the inside. Note that in Malaysia, racism is considered unethical too but it's inevitable. Even the government and in politics, racist remarks are made indirectly.

    The point is, my Chinese educated friends in school often neglect the English subject although the English language subject is compulsory to pass in the exams. Chinese is just an optional subject. They often complain how tough is the subject and how much they're being stressed up for that subject. I would then come into discussion that they should drop the subject if it's hard for them. They would argue that with the Chinese language in their exam certificate, they would be able to have a higher job opportunity than one like me.

    They would then bring in economics, which they argued China to be conquering world economics one day, making the first international language to be mandarin. They also said that China tourists who are in US are filthy rich there once the currency is exchanged. I zipped my mouth after that, because I just got speechless over what they knew. I only told them that colleges and universities are mainly using the English language for all subjects, hence they shouldn't neglect that language.

    I would like opinions on this. What do you guys think ? Are my friends wise to think that way ? Or should I start to help myself to get a strong in the Chinese language as well ? Try not to be biased on the opinion though.
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