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LaPlace is dillusional we know

  1. Jan 14, 2006 #1
    I made a thread on the playstation forums and this person said this:

    I am either a cynic or a realist so take what i say as you like.

    LaPlace is dillusional we know much less then what we don't know. We don't know alot of things. What do you know about history? Nothing but what has been told to you. Can you believe what they tell you? There is a very high chance that they aren't telling the truth about history. What have we learned in the last 50 years? The internet........ ? Thats not much for half a century. What the leaders of IBM say has no effect on me because I don't believe them. IBM supported hitler and the Nazi's with computers and I don't like them.

    I never really trusted math or science. It is filled with non sense. When you are taught it their way then it will start to make sense but it only makes sense because they told you. Some guy just made it up. It's false to me. Everything adds up but thats only because the maker of this portion of science made it so it would add up. Does it add up if they didn't teach you their way of thinking?

    Time travel is not possible and it is an arbitrary thought. Why spend time thnking about how to succeed in time travel while right now there are many people on this planet in this time that need help. They might need food or a place to live or someone to hug. People really need to stop thinking about aliens, time travel and heaven and they need to focus on whats right here right now. You only have a limited time on this earth and it shouldn't be wasted on the arogant thought that you might get into heaven so you don't need to make today count or that maybe by the time you get old there will be time travel and you could do it over.

    Do I think people in the 40's knew that someone would land on the moon? I don't think anyone landed on the moon. If someone had landed on the moon and with the advances in technology today why has there been no trip back to the moon. How do you know someone landed on the moon? Because someone told you right. Do you believe everything you are told? If you do well the sky is red believe it. So someone actually traveled through space to a different planet and they couldn't even make the world wide web then.... they didn't have electric windows........ please give me a break.

    You need to take action now and stop waiting for some miracle theory to be born. Help someone now. If you would like a reference to how much you know or don't know read a little of this http://www.zmag.org/chomsky/sam/sam-contents.html [Broken] . It could be false it could be the whole truth. You will never know.


    Whats your opinion on this?
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    He's right, I need a hug.

    And did you know if you give a 4 year old who hasn't learned addition 2 apples and tell him to put it into a bucket with 2 more apples, it won't equal 4!
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    i think the playstation forums isn't the place to go for science...

    he's entitled to his opinion eh?

    someone get pengwuino a hug. STAT.
  5. Jan 14, 2006 #4
    Very existential.

    Also, very stupid... IBM did not enter the computer market till the end of the 40's, and they had a market of FIVE.

    WW2 was over, Hitler was dead, so how did IBM supply computers to him?

    anyway, that is his reality, and as existentialists say "......."
  6. Jan 14, 2006 #5


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    Actually he is somewhat correct on that point. I believe the company that did end up becoming IBM sold SOME computers (to the point of being a technicality i think) to Germany before WW2 broke out (and when I say computers... well, the 1930's idea of a computer....). Stupid point however, he's the reason drugs should stay illegal.
  7. Jan 14, 2006 #6
    What is this garbage? Your asking science in a playstation forum? <smacks QT in the back of the head, HARD (not in a playful)>
  8. Jan 14, 2006 #7


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    I remember being on a forum where stupid crap like this was said. I mean did he even use his brain when he made up that electric window vs. Apollo program crap? Does he even have the concept of money down?
  9. Jan 14, 2006 #8
    Don't try to find logic in this bull pengquino, its not possible, and will make you loose your sanity.
  10. Jan 14, 2006 #9


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    I know there is no logic but this is the kinda person i want to gather friends up for, tie up, and demand he explain his thought process. The penalty for not making any sense would be execution.
  11. Jan 14, 2006 #10
    He is part of a playstation forum, he can't have a though processes. All his thoughts are square square triange triangle back back up up left botton left botton square.
  12. Jan 14, 2006 #11
    The entire point is moot anyway. I mean, Germany in the 30's was considered a viable nation. why not conduct business with them?
  13. Jan 14, 2006 #12


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    Yah, I don't think the President of the company got any memos saying "Germany is about to start ww2 in a few years and is going to systematically commit one of hte worst genocides in modern history. Don't do business with them"
  14. Jan 14, 2006 #13


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    We should reply to him with

    [tex]\Delta {\rm O}{\rm O}{\rm X}\Delta {\rm O}\Delta {\rm X}
  15. Jan 14, 2006 #14
    The reason? The off topic forum. I know not enough about video games there, but I help out any way I can.

    The reason I don't post it here are 2 reasons:
    1) I give up
    2) People say time travel is not even possible in theory, and say time dilation is impossible.
    3) My non knowledge of physics limits what I say. People on this forum seem too skepitcal. To a point of insanity. It would make me happier if people said time travel is improbably, rather than IMPOSSIBLE.
    4) I post here, and even if its in the wrong thread, I get a warn. I can't post about time travel because 'no one knows'?

    Those people are ignorant. Alot of people there like my posts there, because I really do think and have a passion for it. If I were to post it here, it would be labeled "Not fit for this forum" because its not 100% accurate probably. I've triedt his before, and it just gets picked aparta nd locked. Even though alot of I say is right and has been proven.

    Here's what I said there:
    I was talking to myself out loud today in the bathroom. (Go ahead, think I'm weird. Many scientist are weird)

    And today, my mom for the first time, said I was very mature. This helps me alot.

    I decided the great idea of instead of being selfish and talking about myself, is to make a thread and ask OTHERS what they are interested in, since I like to ask questions. This would be for teenagers only, so I can relate to it myself. Many peopl ehave told me being interested in physics, mathematics, calculus, numismatics, and philopshy is normal for a teenager who is 17 so I guess they are right.

    And today, I came to this realization about time travel.

    Laplace (excuse my spelling, he basically invented alot of stuff on calculus), a scientist, once said this (see my signature) "What we don't know is so little compared to what we do know. " This is so true. Think about what we learned in the last 50 years.

    No, really, do it. Sit down, come real, and think about it right now.

    Did you know the president of IBM in the 60's once said "There's no need for personal computers. No one will use them. I estimate in the future there will only be maybe 1 computer for a personal computer". (This isn't his exact quote, but I don't want to look it up. If you don't believe me, I will look it up. It's on wikipedia"

    Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Einstein wasn't a smart guy. He had a very rough time in school. In fact, he was just like me. I've always looked at ants and admired them, they are amazing. Einstein even addmitted he was no genius. Yet, because he revolutionized physics which was 2 things:
    1) Luck
    2) His obession and joy in mathematics

    That brought to where he was. He might have had a high IQ, but with some luck, and imagination, and perosnality, and dedication anyone can do this. This may define common sense, but it's true. Scientist even discected his brain and looked at it. It was found, indeed, that his brian had more sympays than the average which means he was "smarter".

    Many 'average' people develop great theories. You don't have to be a genius to do this.

    I also have an obession with math, and am very mature for my age. In fact, I'm not that smart. I'm alot more average. I do know alot for my age, I think. No one elses opinion matters, yet I keep asking because I'm not confident in myself. And as you may know, confidence in one self definitely attracts the ladies. Ladies like people who are condient, and know what they are doing. It makes other people feel the same way.

    I'm not saying I"m a genius, but I think anyone could've done it, except if you're mentally retarded.

    Also, about time travel. I remember posting a thread about it on the physics forums, I was warned and it was locked because, "It wasn't needed, and no one knows." If no one does, then isn't that a great reason to discuss it? The fact is, it's probably improbably, but not IMPOSSIBLE. Think about it, saying its impossible is probably pretty ignorant. On the other hand, its just their opinion. Depends on how you look at it.

    Do you think people thought in the 1940's 20 years from then they'd visit the moon and back? I doubt it.

    Again, think about it. Why may it be considered ignorant? Think about how much WE DON'T KNOW. Also, the fact is, its nither proven nor is it disproven. I agree, its improbably, but saying its impossible is, indeed, ignorant.

    Today I thought about how to kill myself again. I'm suicidal and been this way since I was 7. I don't want to, but I feel so hopeless and stupid. If people say, I am stupid, I see no point to life. On the other hand, I'd love to help out other people, by contributing to society, and may even be able to develop a new theory in physics or something. I'd love to perhaps in 50 years spent 20K on space tourism and go to sub-orbial, and look down at the earty in all its glory. Or see how technology involves.

    But I just can't live this way. My parents just bought me a 800 dollar computer, a very good one for gaming, here's the specs:
    17 inch flat screen CTR
    16 inches/40.64cm Viewable Image area
    .25 - .28 dot pitch
    1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz - Maximum
    Non-interlaced resolution
    1024 - 768 @ 85 Hz - Preferred

    etc. Even comes with satellite speakers

    Its a 3200 64 something. Around 2.9 GHZ processor, 1.0 gig of memory, made by compaq. Its supposed to be great for gaming. Also, I'm probably getting a graphics card later for free. My parents bought me it for free. Now I don't have a windows 98. supposedly, I can also play civilization 4 on it.

    However, I appreciate it, but it means nothing to me. It doesn't bring me joy anymore. Not even christmas does. I feel so depressed, nothing effects me anymore, except friends, which I have none. My parents help me more than anything, and alot of the members here also help me.

    Thank you

    By the way, this isn't a pointless thread. Ponder about what i just said, thank you.


    I'm 17, I thought it was pretty mature actually. (what I said)

    Alot of people there do know physics, but many are ignorant, one person said this when talking about time dilation and the twin paradox:
    If you travel at nearly the speed of light should not make you "not age"

    "So pretty much the people that went to the moon came back younger than before? It just doesn't work that way. Even though they didn' go nearly as fast as the speed of light But definetly faster than any normal person here on earth can travel."
  16. Jan 14, 2006 #15
    i thought you only did that stuff with me!
  17. Jan 14, 2006 #16
    The same person said this:
    "Ok, I'm going to prove a few different theories wrong on this one

    Say the Universe was born by a giant explosion yes? Then constantly we are getting younger than that explosion seeing as how we are moving rapidly through space and that central point is not. As well, anything that is farther than our Sun away from that central spot is younger than us even though it was created at the same time.

    With black holes once something is trapped in then time stops. Black holes have and never will "be" because there is no time obviously wherever they are.

    And say I was to travel into the future. Obviously you would have to travel faster than the speed of light considering you have to go faster than time apparently. You would fall into nothing. There would never be anything. There could not be a possible way to travel into the future then. And to travel back into time then you would most likely have to turn light inside-out, technical term, in order for it to happen.

    Turn light inside out?

  18. Jan 14, 2006 #17
    How much you want to bet this is going to get locked out because I mentioned 'time travel'?

    I'll win.

    I love this forum and it so great I just wish I could post without knowledge of physics.

    I'm going to study them in college. But I need more math background first.
  19. Jan 14, 2006 #18


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    I don't think any single group of words in that jumble of insanity made any sense or is true.
  20. Jan 14, 2006 #19

    I just wish I could post without being told to learn more physics.

    I think I know alot for my age, yes?Do you think so?

    I didn't post that (above) someone else did . He's 15.

    Wasn't the universe started by an explosion, the big bang, anyway?
  21. Jan 14, 2006 #20
    Dude... Einstein was neither average nor great at mathematics.

    doing good in school is not a sign of smarts mind you. in fact, many good students are some of the dumbest people I have known. they know almost nothing.

    I graduated with a 1.9 in High School.... I got a 4 on my AP bio exam but a D in the class.

    Right now, I have a 3.7 GPA and am in my last semester of university (FINALLY... I have been on the 7 year plan... work and kids and all[Don't have kids before you finish University... it kind of slows down your studies])

    What is the difference? Did I get smarter? no, I worked harder.

    performance in school is a function of how hard you work... more so in a criterion referenced school and lesser in a norm referenced school, but each requires work.

    so, just work hard, and pay attention in class and do all the work.
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