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Laplace little differet one

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    This one has me stumped

    Find the Laplace Transform of the unknown solution function for the following initial value problem:

    y'' + 4y' - 5y = te^t, y(0)=1, y'(0)= 0

    (Do Not actually find the function, only its transform. Then, without carrying out the steps, indiacate briefly how you would proceed to find the unknown solution function.)

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    As with your other question, Laplace transforms are linear thus you can do each elemnt individually. What have you done thus far?
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    Also, [itex]L \{ y^{(n)} \} [/itex]

    where n is the derivative is


    PS. click on the equation to see how to use LaTex extensions. A little popup box should appear with a "click to read LaTex guide" at the bottom.

    Good luck.
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