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Laplace tranform

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    what class of ODE problems does a laplace transform solve? it seems like it solves all first and second order problem with constant coefficients and variables coefficients require series solutions.
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    Hello, ice109!

    I have learned Laplace Transform by myself so I am feeling a bit like an amateur talking about it here in the forum, but I think we must add something to the statement above:

    If you're talking about homogeneous ODEs this is, I suppose, correct. But if the ODE is inhomogeneous, then it is exactly this inhomogeneous part which determines, if the equation can be Laplace-transformed:

    e.g.: y''[x]+y'[x]+y[x] = tanx

    This 2nd order ODE cannot be solved via Laplace transform, since the Laplace transform for tanx is not 'broadly' defined (if defined at all). I mean I haven't seen it in the tables and the integral needed to solve using the definition of the transform does not produce an elementary function (which we need).

    best regards, Marin
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    aww that sucks. admittedly i was hoping to skip relearning all those convoluted methods and just learn the laplace really well.
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    A couple of more methods is after all not so bad I think :) - Laplace transform is very useful when you have the initial conditions, because it produces for you straightaway the general solution to an ODE, with all the constants and s.o. :)

    It's a powerful technique ;)
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    Yeah, it doesn't exist for tan x, sec x, csc x, cot x or any other function which is not piecewise continuous as well those functions which diverge at a greater rate than e^(at).
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